Fish spa

Your feet are fundamental parts of your body. They largely contribute to your well being! Indulge yourself to a complete relaxation while the Garra rufa takes care of your feet.

Do not worry, the Garra rufa will not bite you: to the contrary of what is sometimes believed, the Garra has no teeth. It gently removes dead cells by micro-suctions from your skin only by sucking it while leaving a pleasant feeling.

The Garra rufa is an amazing fish with many virtues. One of its main features is to fully erase aging cortex from your skin. Its desquamating function is instinctive and extremely enjoyable.
The pores of your skin will be free of impurities and bacteria. Thus your skin will be deeply cleansed and more permeable to minerals, healthy, soft and shiny. While deep cleansing your feet or hands, the Garra rufa releases an enzyme, the dithranol, known to limit the spread of the symptoms of certain skin diseases and to stimulate the production of young cells.

Our services are by no medical or therapeutic cases. They only concern your well-being and relaxation.