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Floating room

To float for an hour in a cabin of water at 35°C, almost saturated from Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) would be the solution to completely unwind. This is certainly an unforgettable sensory experience that we can live here at the Touch' Glam centre, which is the seventh one in France to be equipped with a floatation room.

Let it go

Gradually, the body loses its grip: in perfect weightlessness, lulled by the breathing rhythm, muscles and mind relax to reach a state of semi-consciousness under a few minutes
Legs become light, pains (including lumbar ones) subside. An hour goes by without realizing it. Once out of the room, the person is appeased: the flotation raises endorphin production, hence the feeling of well-being, and in addition the skin is very soft.

1h = 6h
One hour of flotation brings restorative effects of 4 up to 6 hours of sleep and work on the following effects:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Blood pressure
  • Relax the muscles

The body gradually relaxes, it releases tensions and free the constant efforts of tendons, muscles, joints, bones.
Heart rate and pressure decrease, while the circulation is stimulated. Pains subside and healing of certain diseases related to stress is accelerated. Several sessions also provide a feeling of athletic performance enhancement and facilitates recovery after exercise. The brain emits alpha waves, and synchronization of the left and right hemisphere is rebalanced. These statements have resulted in better productivity, concentration and creativity boost... The tension plays an essential role in the appearance of your skin. The well-being feeling will make you radiant and give you more confidence.
In addition, the Epsom salts will make your skin smoother and softer... The flotation will allow you to reduce the secretion of hormones causing the stress. Endorphins play an important role in relaxation, wellness and pain relief.

When you float, you produce slower brain waves (theta). These waves are usually found just before falling asleep. They are accompanied by precise images of clear & creative thinking, with a peaceful sensation of great joy: This is a consequence of the endorphin release
. Flotation has positive effects on the body by reducing needing symptoms or stressors for example. Also, flotation can be used in the treatment against addictions (tobacco, alcohol, food). But also, in some schools and universities, for a more effective learning...

A regressive immersion

Lie at the center of the room, a foot of water heated to body temperature, saturated from Epsom salt to float effortlessly, but also recreate the environment of the baby in the womb. Once freed from the laws of gravity, the body enters a hitherto forgotten relaxation, balances the nervous system and regenerates an incredible speed.

All cabins are equipped with shower